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Monday, April 24, 2006

applied military intelligece tools

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Dr. Bono's Lateral Thinking applied to MI

Military Intelligence encompassess an extremely diverse field of theories/applications.It's an applied science/applied psychology and applied Gray-matter? Yes-applied Graymatter theory and applications.To put it more precisely the latter is the parent of the former two[and ofcourse several other interrelated factors].Atleast that is what my experience says.Atleast that is what the theories and very effectively proved applications of Dr. Edward dE Bono project. It is Dr. Bono's innumerable lectures/work's around the globe and in leading conglomerates/corporations/Universities/even school curricula that has projected him as the MASTERTHINKER OF THE DECADE.So much so that [as i possess a very analytical mind] when I went out to test the theories outlined in one of his very first publications, I was immediately immpresed and the ensuing interest propelled me to apply his business ideas/actions to intelligence scenarious , ofcourse on a small scale[ the first being the case of graft charges against a senior officer]. My task's were essentially independent/of voluntary nature--ofcourse not relegated as ' source'/ temporary field agent: I took my own decisions and decided the format of dissemination.I acheived remarkable success with Dr. Bono's applied thinking tool's merely configured for army intelligenceAcquisition/Analysis/Acceptance.As I gradually build up this site, I will produce before you-my esteemed audience-these very tools in all their originality and do sincerely hope that other allied agencies also implement these concepts -ofcourse after validating my statements.

Please refer to Dr. Bono's texts for the revolutionary concept of 'Lateral Thinking'.

I am going to present a series of papers , the text of which has been derived from the teachings/cosultations of the highly acclaimed thinker/psychologist of the decade Dr.Edward dE Bono-I have merely configured his busines ideas to military intelligence analysis ad appiations.In the posts to follow over the next few weeks I will also show how I have successfully solved certain cases ranging from graft charges of a recruiting officer to terrorist movement mapping using these derived tools.I have also built up a system of perceptual thinking based on these same lines for humint/CI personnel.
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